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Our mission is Making Life Peachy – for our guests, team, suppliers and planet.

From serving food-waste fighting Rubies in the Rubble ketchup, to removing plastic bottles from our bathrooms and ongoing recycling efforts, we make sure that not only are we trying our best to be sustainable, but help you to go green too.

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We started the year with our plan on how to become the Best Gastropub on the Planet. We agreed our sustainability policy, and 10 promises to help us achieve our purpose; from feeding guests well, to supporting charities and conserving natural resource to protect out planet. In Spring, we removed all single use plastic soap and lotion bottles from our pubs and bedrooms, and replaced with sustainable, refillable aluminium bottles.

As we entered lockdown, a team of Peach volunteers supported Your Hub, an initiative to help feed frontline workers and those most in need in the local communities, and in Autumn we donated £3,000 to Hospitality Action - a charity aimed at supporting colleagues in our industry.

In October we removed single use glass Heinz bottles from our pubs, and moved to Rubies in the Rubble, and as the year drew to an end, we continued feeding those most in need in our towns, producing over 2,000 meals across 20 charities.


In January, we returned to Kenya supporting the Peach Foundation. Working with the Enonkishu Conservancy in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, to help fund the conservancy project, aiming to create a sustainable conservancy for local land owners.

Being a Peachy place to work, learn and grow is promise number two and we were thrilled to see a re-entry into the Top Times 100 Companies to Work for. We also launched an initiative to pay overtime for all Sous Chefs and Deputies, and introduced a scheme to increase our travel per mile rate to team who car-pool.

Throughout the back end of the year, we delivered Charity donation boxes to all pubs, and donated to WWF to support their ongoing efforts to protect wildlife during the wildfires. We also joined The Sustainable Restaurant Association and embarked on an adventure of producing our very own bespoke-blended sustainable wine - After The Clouds.

We also banned the purchase of plastic pens, and raised over £6,000 for Shelter.

The Bigger Peach

The Bigger Peach Team meet monthly to review our promises and discuss what more we can do. Reviewing our supply chains to minimise the impact of products containing palm oil, to our use of clingfilm, how we can become carbon-neutral and offering more plant based choices on our menus. Striving to be the most sustainable Gastro Pub Company on the Planet never stops.

While we think we do a lot, there is always more we can do. Each year we target ourselves with doing something great each month, so please do get in touch with any new ideas and let’s make a difference together. Email us at